Quick-thinking 'shopping spree' helps suspect elude police

Man ducks into discount store for a new look

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Cool as a cucumber, as they used to say. Like a scene from a heist film, a man in Los Angeles was stopped by police on Tuesday afternoon — it’s not known why — but he decided not to hang around for the questioning.

He pulled over, but a moment later drove his car toward the cruiser and — after his vehicle was hit by a police bullet or two — sped off, with an LAPD helicopter in pursuit. The officers on the ground declined to go after him.

So far so usual. The suspect drove into the parking lot of a budget mall in Inglewood, the Los Angeles Times reports, where he hit a planter, jumped out of the car and ran off. And this is when the real Hollywood twist begins.

How does one evade capture in a crime thriller? You hide, get lost in a crowd or change your appearance. Lacking the first two options, this man went for the third. He ran into a large General Discount store, where surveillance video showed him changing into some clothes straight off the rack — and before police could arrive, he simply walked out of the store and headed east.

He’s still on the loose.


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